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Today’s expansive spaces with high ceilings and hard flooring are visually stunning, however, often times create deep acoustical problems. Echo and reverberation occur when sound waves bounce back and forth between hard surfaces. Acoustic solutions in a busy open office of a lobby can help create the atmosphere the space was intended for, without taking away from the architects’ and the designers’ esthetical vision.

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Stille speaks the language of custom projects.

Our team of designers and fabricators are experienced with custom projects and tight deadlines. We can help you integrate acoustic panels into any design with a range of color options, custom shapes, bends and formations. Re-imagine any space with felt or PET acoustic panels and see how our design team can deliver a custom sound absorbing solution for your next project.

Artful acoustics.
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Acoustic panels not only add vitally important sound absorbing functionality to any space, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Stille acoustical panels offer a wide range of inspired solutions for open offices, gyms, common areas, universities, hospitals and more.

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Stille acoustic panels add color and design to any space while absorbing extra noise. Stille panels are manufactured in the USA using recycled PET plastic bottles, which can help gain LEED™ green building credits.